Keyla Martinez


I grew up in Nicaragua, moved to L.A. when I was a teenager, and relocated to Austin in 2001. Today I find myself on a path of fulfilling an amazing dream of mine of bringing education to young children in my native country. As a native Nicaraguan, who lived under poverty as a child with no early childhood education, I feel a calling to serve this population. With time I learned that it was possible to respect and educate humans at an early age, and my dream of making this possible for the children of Nicaragua makes every single day in my life the most important one.

I am a certified Montessori guide at the Infant/Toddler level (infants to three-year-olds), a certified Primary guide (three- to six-year-olds), and am currently working as a Director at a Montessori school in Austin, Texas. With eleven years of experience in early childhood education, I am committed to sharing my knowledge and experience with the children in my homeland of Nicaragua and all children in need of a quality early childhood education.


Catherine Naiser


I came to Austin, TX from Louisville, KY in 2010 in pursuit of a music career after years of classical vocal training. Instead of finding my path as a musician, I rediscovered my deep respect for the child through my introduction to the Montessori method. After meeting Keyla, I travelled with her to Nicaragua for the first time and was overwhelmed by the profound warmth and generosity of the people I met there. Witnessing the sense of community and optimism, even among those facing considerable challenges, seeing the excitement in each child’s face as they approached their small rural schoolhouse, being so reminded of how little it takes to make a lasting difference in one’s life, in the spirit of a community; these are things I will never forget. I am reminded of Khalil Gibran’s words, “There are those who have little and give it all. These are the believers in life and the bounty of life, and their coffer is never empty.”

I firmly believe that a dedication to education is a dedication to global peace and unity. I am thrilled to be a part of such a fabulous team working to make quality, affordable education available to all young, eager minds.