Our History

The idea for Escuela de Maria was born in December 2010 after we witnessed the impoverished conditions of the local school serving the young children of La Trinidad, Nicaragua, a small village several hours north of the capital of Managua. In the hilly rural region surrounding La Trinidad, many families struggle to meet their children’s daily needs and schools offer little relief for those children fortunate enough to attend. Many children lack the basic necessities required to make the trek to school on a daily basis including shoes, backpacks, food, and water.

Inspired and led by the passions of our founder and Nicaraguan-native, Keyla Martinez, we began brainstorming ways in which we could provide support to both the children and the schools in this region. We began our efforts by reaching out to our fellow educators and the families with whom we worked. Through various small fundraising efforts we collectively raised enough money to supply Ivan Levya Preschool, the school in La Trinidad, with new tables and chairs, a fence around the school, working toilets and sinks for the whole school, and two new swing sets, as well as food and school supplies for all of the children.

After witnessing how a little went a long way in helping this community, we set out to create a plan that would allow us to have an even broader and more sustainable impact on the community. As early childhood educators, we have witnessed the positive impact that quality education has on the young child and the communities in which they live. We also believe that quality early childhood education is a powerful tool in realizing long-term change in any community. Follow the link below to learn more about our work today.