“Let us give the child a vision of the whole universe... for all things are connected to form one whole unity.”


Our Mission

We are a nonprofit organization dedicated to improving and creating learning environments for children of diverse socioeconomic backgrounds, primarily in North and Central America, by utilizing guiding principles of Montessori education and by providing for the basic needs of the children within the learning environments we serve. 

As Montessorians, we believe that by creating quality learning environments for all young children, particularly those in underserved communities, we will provide a solid foundation for growth and lasting change within the communities we serve. We also believe that we must work to provide the children of those communities with the basic needs necessary to make sustained education a reality. In this way, we hope to impact lasting change not only in the lives of the children we serve, but in the lives of their families and communities as well. 

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Why Montessori?

Dr. Maria Montessori observed that children are most sensitive to growth and learning between the ages of zero and six. She believed that during the stage of the "absorbent mind," children maintain an intense curiosity about the world and openness to new concepts.  For this reason, she believed that this was the stage in which the most significant learning could occur and that it was essential for children to be placed in environments conducive to this learning.

Dr. Montessori began her work by observing children of poverty in unfavorable learning conditions. She observed that the children were hungry to learn and used all of their senses to absorb information from the environment. Her observations led her to design a curriculum that supported the young child’s innate desire to learn through interaction with the environment. In support of Dr. Montessori’s vision, we support the development of nurturing and safe environments promoting growth, education and well-being for the young child.

Because Dr. Montessori originally designed this method to serve the needs of children of poverty and children who were labeled “uneducable,” we believe it is a strong model for our work within underserved communities. Montessori’s teachings have had far-reaching impact and there are hundreds of Montessori schools around the world. Unfortunately, in many communities the cost of attending a Montessori school has risen and there are increasing numbers of families who are unable to afford a Montessori education. We aim to reverse this trend and reignite Dr. Montessori’s vision of making quality education accessible to all children.